02 Nov 2015

Ceremony of the first stake placement of government construction project.

Coal steam power plant construction of 2 x 150 MW taking place in Medan, Indonesia.

The construction of the steam power plant is a cooperation between Indonesia (PT. Mabar ELECTRIC) with China (Shanghai Electric Power Construction Co. LTD)

Located at Paluh Kurau village Hamparan Perak district, which can be accessed by ship for about 45-60 minutes from the town of Belawan, laid a vast field where the project started.

It was a challenge for us because the area in the event was previously an empty land which was originally a river backfilled with sand. In addition to access solely by boat, to arrive at the event area we had to walk about 2 kilometers, and if it rains the access road will be muddy.
Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience. The event was attended by many people both from the Indonesian government and the leaders of the Shanghai company itself.

Various equipment was prepared for the event, ranging from tents; sound system; tables; chairs; air-conditioners; toilets; rooms for luncheon; meeting; consumption; to performers such as master of ceremony; lion dance; traditional dancers; ushers; etc.
We also provided transportation to welcome the guests from  the harbor to event area.

And thanks to the cooperation and support of both the promotors and supporters of the event, it ran smoothly and successfully as planned.