JW Wedding Fair 2017 Concert

08 Sep 2017

The JW Wedding Fair "Share your dreams" is an annual wedding exhibition held by JW Marriott Hotel. Since it’s the most prestigious and awaited Wedding Fair in Medan, we try to create something new each year.

This year, we selected 12 talented designers from Medan. They are:
Siu Siu, Lara Laine, Hartono Gan, Henri Winata, Anwat Dani Atelier, Papillon, Willian, Charme Atelier, Pemanara Brides, Boedi Bask, Exme Couture, and Jennifer Kirana Ledong. Each of whom showcased their newest collection with their very own theme. The two-day fashion show displayed more than 170 trending wedding apparels including night gown and suit.
Participating wedding vendors are those exclusively selected. The foyer of the venue was exceptionally decorated for the very special nights.

The highlight of this event occurred on the last day of the event, which is the first musical orchestra in Medan by a well-recognized music band a.k.a Shine Music collaborating with five professional singers in the city such as Link Chow, Chelsea Hadi, Fendy Lin, Vincent Wagner and Eko Aditya.