02 May 2019

 It was the first exhibition that combines wedding & culinary together. With its unique concept, we managed to include 40 brands of professional wedding vendors and culinary tenants in it. The idea was to create a Bohemian-style expo where people could stroll and sit with any of the wedding vendors without feeling pressured. Customer could even hang out there solely for sweet and savory tenants or the cool spots we created.

  Wedding vendors varied from pre-wedding photography to wedding venue decoration each had lovely booth and were swarmed nearly every day. We had awesome crowds with the ongoing promotion: sign a deal with any wedding vendors and get 100% CASHBACK

  The culinary tenants were at a different section of the venue. With a range of entrée to dessert, customers who made a transaction were also given vouchers to enjoy free complimentary food or drink of their own choice. In addition, Live Music with saxophonists and mini orchestra, also Trunk Show by local and national designers were scheduled to attract crowds and they both worked like a charm.