Yansen & Liwin

12 Oct 2019

In a world of millions, we were never told who’s our person. Nevertheless, we recognize each other from the start. Two and half years ago, Liwin was doing her aunt a small favor that changed her life forever. The kind-hearted bride accompanied her aunt to visit a friend in Tebing Tinggi, and while she was there, Yansen came by too. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, right?

They didn’t expect to meet their soulmate that day, but of course they had to exchange numbers and do something. Long story short, they date. Despite the long hours from one city to another, they always try to work it out.

Their wedding was warm and simple, with the color gray which reflects  stability and calmness as the main palette. By the way, both of them aren’t huge fans of photo shoots, but look at how intimate they are in every frame!

Congratulations Yansen and Liwin! May your love grow bigger each day as you learn more about one another in this new chapter!