Vicky & Marcelia

19 Jan 2020

After 3 weeks of crushing on each other, they dated. It was all started at the university where they were both in together, University of Tarumanagara. Vicky was tricking Marcelia on the first date, told her that he would bring her to the restaurant she desired, but instead he took her somewhere else and then had a movie date with her.

“I can’t ask for more”, that’s what Vicky said. According to him, Marcelia is a very lovable and supportive girlfriend and vice versa, to Marcella her boyfriend is someone who is simple, confident and courageous enough to meet Marcelia’s parents on the first date.

With flowers, videos, and decorated wall, Vicky proposed to Marcelia at his home. The second Marcelia took the flowers, he kneeled down in front of Marcelia and asked“Will you marry me?” How sweet!

Despite of the hard times they were both having to fit in each of their cultures, through all the ups and downs, they overcome it. After 4 long years and 10 months of dating, they are finally together forever!