Rudy & Juventia

05 Nov 2019

Rudy is the kind of man every woman would long for, while Juventia is every man’s ideal wife material. They compliment each other, try their best to show their love with effort, and never get tired of loving each other. As a gentleman, Rudy asked Juventia’s parents’ permission beforehand and brought her to a lovely proposal trip. She told us that his romantic trait has made the proposal one of the most impressive moment in their four-and-half-year relationship

Their reception venue was filled with garden of flowers here and there, creating a fairytale wedding.  Their wedding night was filled the bride’s favorite Disney songs followed by the first dance.. Everything was perfect, even the groom’s surprise went really smoothly. He sang a beautiful song for her!

We wish you both abundant of happiness and may your family be filled with love every single day.