Ricky & Henny

19 Sep 2019

“She is my destiny, I saw her and knew right away that God had sent me a soul mate.” That was the most heart-warming thing a groom could ever say to his bride in front of hundreds of guests.

Ricky is a family man. He loves his family, he’s also a hardworking person and a romantic lover.

Despite their busy activities, the dentist couple were very eager to plan their wedding with us. They always made time to see us on Sundays to talk about their wedding-planning progress, they took this once-in-a-lifetime moment very seriously.

Their wedding reception were starry-themed, with horoscope constellation ornate. Besides, LED animation added up to the awesome opening. Their wedding was intimate, there were many touching and heart-felt moment, there were friends cheering when they both sang a love song.

Congratulations docs! We wish your married life is showered with lots of love!