Peter & Novia

25 Jan 2018

My first meeting with Peter and Novia began with “Hi! Are we about to start?” by Novia. That was the first time ever, a bride looked and sounded so ready.
Novia is a very outgoing person. She could turn a group of gloomy people into a bright one, she is just like a bag of confetti— ready to surprise and cheer you up. Peter, who is also a vivacious guy, looked at his wife-to-be with awe but said nothing like that. For the record, they tease each other a lot and we find it adorably cute.
Apparently, love is not always about two pieces of puzzle that complete each other. It could also be a mirror that reflect exactly the same thing, but different in many ways. It could mean the same craziness, the same ‘love’.
They’re a bit like champagne, Peter and Novia. Classy and bubbly.
We know that they will be everlasting because they care about each other without making a big fuss over small matter. Keep being super active and happy couple guys!