Norico & Tiara

12 Dec 2018

Life plays tricks we never know. One day, you’re both strangers in a building, the next day you’re coworkers and suddenly you’re dating. Love really blossoms just anywhere with unexpected ways. Norico and Tiara were sort of colleagues who never knew each other ‘existed’ before. Through a company event, they met and that’s when they set eyes.

After that, mutual friends started to see through them and decided to be their matchmaker!

In four years or so, Norico made a big decision that would change his life. He had found a woman who would stay with him through the good and bad, a woman he deemed perfect to be more than just a girlfriend, but a wife. So he decided to propose her on a vacation at the island of Gods, though not entirely as planned, what matter was she said “Yes”!

They had one purpose which is a wedding from their own expenses and they worked for it together. What a way to start a living together!

Congratulations for your wedding lovebirds! We wish you abundant of happiness!