Mochtar & Viona

11 Feb 2018

A wedding doesn’t actually happen in one day because the preparation itself takes much more time than the wedding..

As soon as it arrives, it becomes clear that our time is not even that long.

Last year in May, Mochtar asked for our help to create a romantic proposal for Viona. For five years, they haven’t fully discussed about taking the big step anytime soon but then it happened. Viona was “fooled” a bit before he popped the question. Of course no one would say ‘no’ to a guy like Mochtar, especially not the woman he is in love with.

We still remember seeing her crying while watching a video from her fiancé, and Mochtar’s face glowing when he put the ring on her finger.

Time flies. They had been busy since for pre-wedding, hunting the right dress, selecting music... and voilá! The magic night.

Viona is a free soul so was quite relax and confident about the wedding. On the other hand, Mochtar was rather nervous. He had lyrics he was gonna sing in his head, he had steps to remember for the first dance, he had to do a speech too. Remember how he planned for the proposal? He wanted everything to go as planned and as perfectly as possible

Luckily everything went well right when he started, with his bride in front of him, he was more confident for improvisation. Most importantly, they both had the most beautiful wedding they have been dreaming of.

Congratulations lovebirds for the first chapter in your lifelong journey. We wish your wedding to be filled with happiness now and always.