Kristle & Elesia

18 Jan 2021

It may feel like romance can get lost in the shuffle of everyday life, but these couple reminds us that love is often expressed most in the little moments. When we hear about their love story, we know that how much Elesia loves Kristle and vice versa, they understand each other like no others.

There are many ways of saying I love you. Kristle is a good cook and he always fed Elesia with his food, that’s his way of showing his love. How sweet.

Spending days by simply be there to each other, they literally went through a lot of both sad and happy days together. Their plan on getting married has been on the discussion even before Kristle propose to Elesia, two families were gathered together, that’s how close they are. Till one day, Kristle surprised Elesia with ring with blessings from close friends and family members through a video he personally compiled.

A story may have no clear beginning, probably because we can't remember much how it started and but this relationship, we would wish not to end.