Kelvin & Christi

19 Jan 2020

"Billions of people in this world, but you are the one for me."

Kelvin and Christi didn't meet one another at the very first place, like in old days, they were introduced to each other by their friends. They dated for 2 years and then got along too well through simple times like movie dates and culinary dates.

"Not someone romantic at all, he is a workaholic but humorous guy. It makes me attached to him". That's what Christi shared about Kelvin to us. Kelvin, on the other hand, said that Christi is someone cheerful and talkative and that whats Kelvin find adorable. 

We think that's what stick them together is them accepting each other difference! Not through fancy and expensive dates, but through simple moments they found each other qualities. They told us that it was hard to blend their views and perception at first, but after all, they finally accept each other.