Johan & Aileen

24 Feb 2019

Six years ago, Johan was on some business visit and he didn’t know that he was actually visiting his future wife’s home.

He met this freshly-graduated client’s daughter and  a few times during his shift but didn’t click right away.

It actually took 3 years for those feelings to grow. Those butterflies in the stomach finally worked their magic and voilá! Sixteen years of age gap means nothing but a number!
There are differences, of course, but we salute them for not giving up on each other.  Because as the saying goes: where there is a will, there is a way. The bottomline is, through up and down they just worked it out.

Johan and Aileen wanted a small, intimate wedding where they would exchange vows in front of the invitees, who are the utmost important family and friends. We don’t remember much of the lines but it was very touching. They promised to love take care of each other till the end of time, with teary eyes and genuine happy smiles.

What an inspiring love, Johan and Aileen. We wish you the best of everything in your marriage.