Hutomo & Faustine

05 Jan 2018

From friends to lovers, Hutomo and Faustine let time show what love can do. They actually knew each other at high school but he wasn’t the most sensible guy around pretty girl, and she was no attention-seeker so.. the relationship got more intense only when they met at the same university in Melbourne.

In six years of their romance, they develop the same hobby together, fall in love with each other’s habits and find serenity in the presence of one another.  Being away from their family, she becomes his home and he becomes hers.

Then, with faith in mind, he proposed her— which he did intimately: just the two of them in the car.

Dear our first newlywed in 2018, we’d like to wish you all the best for your marriage. May this new year bring you good luck and let it be a fresh start for the first chapter in your life together.