Hendra & Madelaine

01 Oct 2018

What is the most out-of-this-world wedding party you’ve ever attended?
Hendra and Madelaine love to travel the world together. Their hobbies and characteristics resemble those infamous couple in the past. Within their 2.5 years of relationship, their romantic moments were simply sweet: eating corns at Brastagi, stargazing in Queenstown, glacier hiking and many more. On their trip to Japan, Hendra booked a ryokan with private onsen and balcony that faces Mount Fuji. He gave her a book, with a page written “Will you be my adventure? “ That sounds like a proposal from an adventurous couple! Indeed, he had a ring prepared. Aww, he really knows how to surprise a woman.

For the bride reception, shades of rose-gold were selected to create warm and intimate feeling. Gold accents, floral chandeliers, made this rustic theme exclusively romantic. While the wedding reception was quite exceptional, specially crafted interstellar experience! The aurora and constellation was designed to blend magically with the music, LED and everything else. Colors were tones of neon, bluish and sparkling just like the galaxy.
So, we prepared a special place for their wedding in ‘outer-space’.

Congratulations for your beautiful wedding Hendra and Madelaine. Marriage is the beginning of a journey—an endless adventure that we hope you will enjoy having for the rest of your life!
Enjoy their pictures on our page!