Hans & Novelly

27 Oct 2020

People said that the one who found their soulmate early are the luckiest. 


Hans and Novelly is one of them, they met in middle school at just the age of 14. Later continuing their study in different school doesn't stop them from being attached to each other. They knew that they can't live without one another, when Hans was going to leave for college. They knew it was going to be hard but they worked it out to today. Been through 3 years of LDR, we see that their relationship is a strong one.


We are happy and amazed that they managed it through their relationship's hard times, even during pandemic too. Despite of many challenges prior living today's as husband and wife, we are really glad they happily married to each other and we fully know that Hans and Novelly's relationship is a kind which will last long and forever!


Look at them! 

Congratulations Hans and Novelly! ?