Deny & Devi

19 Feb 2020

Timing is everything. If it’s meant to happen, it will, at the right time for the right reasons. Deny &  Devi’s love story began with a beautiful friendship in Sydney, 2008. Four years after graduation, they met again and the universe opened way for them to be together. We’ve heard their hardship of long distance relationship, always trying to see each other every month. Been thru countless Skype and airport life, now Deny and Devi are finally united!

Since the bride lives in Jakarta, we had very little time to discuss the details but Deny & Devi are very nice and easy going. In 3 months, they entrusted us to plan and arrange the wedding on their behalf. Their wedding was huge, but still elegant. More than a hundred tables were reserved, thus their grand entrance began far behind the main door. But the moment guests walk through, every corner was filled with gold and pink palette. To balance the crowd, customized animations are considered very attractive on the massive LED screen.
Congratulations D&D! We wish you an abundant of love and happiness on your new chapter together!