David & Stephanie

24 Jan 2019

Singapore was where fate brought David and Stephanie together. From stranger to lover, it is still their first option for their prewedding shoot.

Being avidly in love for 8 years, they are modern and modest at the same time; so their special moments were truly celebrated by their guests.

Being appointed as the wedding planner by both sides of family was our favorite challenge. After the bride’s reception, we had the opportunity to create a distinct concept and a whole new ambience.

Beginning from the venue decoration—layout and seating arrangement to music and entertainment, each element was designed differently from the bride’s reception so that the guests and families who came on both parties wouldn’t feel a strike of dejavu besides seeing the same groom and bride!

The bride’s reception was more created to be simple and sweet—it was filled with local talents who sang the groom and bride’s favorite songs. The wedding reception was somewhat intimate, with varied ceremonial and speech from their friends, and of course singers who came from the capital city.

Their wedding reception and engagement party were held four days apart, thankfully all rest assured in our hands. 

We’re very happy that David and Stephanie, also families and guests enjoyed both reception parties.

Thank you for trusting our service! We wish you a lifetime of happiness, congratulations!