Berry & Jesika

19 Aug 2019

Life is what happens when we are busy planning our future. Fate is as funny as it is. When we’re not exactly looking, we met someone and recognized our soulmate right away.
That’s what happened to #BerJes.

Within three months, we finalized all the essentials from souvenirs to entertainment— it’s proven that Berry & Jesika loved them! They live out of town so it was pretty hard for us to discuss about their wedding face-to-face. We only met once and a week before the wedding to discuss about the final detail then everything just fell into place.

Their wedding was grand, but enjoyable at the same time. We aimed for an enjoyable flow from the beginning to the climax of the reception.
Both the groom and bride were also very cool and relaxed.

We put an all-star performance with dancers making a very sweet closing! Congratulations Berry and Jesika! Have a wonderful married-life!